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  In that branch of the plain, where the lower Piedmont meets the Apennines, lies our company that transforms products from cultivation or wild crops, in healthy and natural ingredients for human consumption.
  Continuous research leads us to a new concept of natural products, which we called Re-Evolution, that the transformation of plants and fruits partially forgotten or unknown, in basic ingredients healthy and natural, to our food supply and our health by reintroducing variety which for millennia have nurtured and cared for, the various populations. Among these we have the Jerusalem artichoke ( HELIANTHUS TUBEROSUS ), the Sea Buckthorn ( HYPPOPHAE RAMNOIDES ), Lupin ( LUPINUS ALBUS ), Stevia ( STEVIA REBAUDIANA BERTONI ), and other useful plants varieta'di to our health.
  We invite you to rediscover and experience Our ​​Products in your daily diet.